Recycling Guidelines

A statewide task force was formed in 2018 to address the issue of recycling contamination. Based on audits performed by the recycling industry, one in four items placed in the recycling cart is not recyclable which has led to increased contamination.

In an effort to help reduce contamination new local guidelines have been established.  

For an entire list of what IS and IS not accepted in Lake County, please take a moment to review the Local Curbside Recycling Guidelines (PDF). These guidelines will help you recycle first and right by showing you what is and is not acceptable in your curbside recycling container, as well as what to do with those trickier items, such as caps, labels, and plastic bags.
SWALCO Recycling GuidelinesHR Final 2018

Specific Items

Please take a few moments to research the Where Do I Recycle This? list and you may discover new avenues of  dispose or recycling options for your specific items. Also check under the ODDS & ENDS Menu of other possible options.