Sharps / Needles Disposal

There are currently no regulations for residents disposing of sharps/needles at home. However, as a possible option, the Lake County Health Department recommends placing "sharps" in a designated medical sharps disposal container or in a hard plastic bottle marked "Do Not Recycle" that is capped when full and placed in the garbage for disposal.

Public Act 099-0082 bans the disposal of sharps through residential recycling containers.
Please DO NOT put sharps into your recycling container.

Knowingly mixing household sharps and other medical needles or syringes can cause serious injuries to other residents, drivers, waste hauler employees, etc. Bandages/dressings should be put in a plastic bag prior to placing them in the garbage.
Additional disposal options and information can be found at the following links:

Call your municipality

Often your village or town can provide disposal options for their residents at designated locations within the neighborhood. We encourage you to reach out for additional information.

Check with your medical provider or pharmacy

While many medical providers and/pharmacies still push the cost of sharp disposal onto patients, there are opportunities emerging to combat this growing concern within our county and state. Please do not hesitate to ask about sharps disposal options during your next visit.

Sharps Disposal Method 2
Sharps Disposal Method 1