Earth Flag Program

The Lake County Earth Flag Program was created by the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) in 1993. Over 130 schools have participated in the program since then.

The Program is designed to educate students, teachers, administration and parents about the need to rethink trash habits and the impact waste reduction, reuse and recycling have on the environment. Schools enrolled in the Program agree to complete five criteria over the course of a school year.
Earth Flag
Students learn through classroom lessons, hands-on activities and presentations that they can have a direct impact on the earth and its natural resources by finding alternatives to throwing it all away.
Each resident of Lake County generates an average of seven pounds of waste every day. That amounts to more than 2,100 tons of solid waste per day in Lake County alone. That is a lot of garbage to bury in the county's two privately owned landfills.

Teaching our children to think about the waste they generate, make decisions to reduce these wastes and recycle what they do generate is one of the most effective ways to protect and preserve the environment and our precious natural resources. Through the Earth Flag Program, SWALCO brings the principles of responsible solid waste management into the schools while addressing Illinois Learning Standards.

Any school teaching Lake County students can apply to participate in the program. Both public and private schools serving students from kindergarten through 12th grade can enroll.

It is very easy to join the Earth Flag Program. Interested teachers, principals and parents can contact the Public Information Officer at 847-336-9340 extension 4 at any time to indicate an interest in enrolling their school in the Program.