Single-Use Propane Canisters

Before the Purchase

Ask the retailer if the canister can be returned for recycling or disposal when it’s empty. And please whenever possible, buy refillable, reusable propane tanks. There are a variety of refillable canister sizes on the market.

There are just a few local vendors available to assist with disposal of single-use propane canisters at a cost per cylinder – Please call ahead for details.

AmeriGas (Gurnee) 847-623-1555

Hicks Gas (Lake Villa) 847-356-8225

OR Prep the Canister for Recycling by following the steps below.

Step 1: Empty the Canister...Thoroughly
Recyclers will not assist with canister recycling if it is still pressurized, after all it is a potentially explosive fuel. To fully drain any residual fuel, take it outside and attach the canister to burn off any remaining gas. Bring a deck of cards or a broom to sweep off the patio, that tiny bit of gas left in the canister burns at a very slow rate due to decreased pressure, be patient. Even after the flame disappears, keep the valve open a bit longer to ensure any final residual vapors escape.

Step 2: Puncture the Canister
Next you must puncture the empty steel canister to ensure that it can be safely crushed at a recycling center. This can be done in a variety of ways. Try a simple “church key” can opener (the type with a sharp triangular point on one end), which can be levered against the canister’s bottom rim; or a hammer and nail (place a rag or cloth over the canister to help reduce the likelihood of generating a spark with this method).

After the canister has been punctured, label it prominently with a permanent marker as “EMPTY” and “PUNCTURED” and make an effort to demonstrably dent or crush it, which indicates to recyclers and scrap yard workers that the canister is safe to handle.

Step 3: Recycle at the Scrap Yard
Propane tanks/canisters of any size are NOT PART of Lake County’s curbside recycling program. Please visit our “Where do I Recycle This” directory and reach out to local scrap yards, they can help with disposal.

*Please note - The method described above is an optional method of disposal, please proceed at your own risk*