Posted on: July 14, 2017

Flood Related Clean Up Support Bulletin

We also encourage residents to check in with their local waste hauler to inquire about restrictions and/or limitations in regards to your regularly scheduled pick-ups OR if special pick-ups are being arranged to help dispose of flood damaged items – to find your waste hauler information, please visit our “Find Your Community Program” page or use this link: http://il-lakecountyswalco.civicplus.com/242/Find-Your-Community-Program.

For electronics recycling options, please visit our electronics recycling page or use this link: http://il-lakecountyswalco.civicplus.com/163/Year-Round-Drop-Off-Locations

For household chemical waste (HCW) disposal, please make an appointment to visit us at: http://il-lakecountyswalco.civicplus.com/164/Household-Chemical-Waste-HCW

For appliances (including microwave ovens), please visit of “Where do I recycle this” directory, select “Scrap Yards” and hit search or use this link: http://il-lakecountyswalco.civicplus.com/BusinessDirectoryii.aspx?ysnShowAll=0&lngNewPage=0&txtLetter=&txtZipCode=&txtCity=&txtState=&txtBusinessName=&lngBusinessCategoryID=125&txtCustomField1=&txtCustomField2=&txtCustomField3=&txtCustomField4=&txtAreaCode=

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