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Solid Waste Agency of Lake County
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Find Your Community Program

The table below has specific information about your recycling program and other collection services offered by your hauler.

  • Waste Hauler: The hauler who provides residential collection services and a phone number to contact them,
  • PAYT: Whether you have a Pay as You Throw (PAYT) option,
  • Recycle Type: Whether you have a large cart (typically 65 or 95 gallons) or smaller bin (18 gallons) for your recyclables,
  • Upgrade Option: Whether you have the option to upgrade the size of your recycling cart, at no cost, to the largest size available (95 gallons) and if yes, which month or months of the year that option is provided for in the hauling contract, and
  • Waste Recycling / Information: a link to more detailed information about the refuse, recycling and landscape waste services in your municipality.
AntiochLimitedCartYes - AnytimeGroot  847-693-2700Antioch (pdf)
BannockburnLimitedCartYes - MayLake Shore Disposal  773-685-8811
Beach ParkLimitedCartYes - MayAdvanced Disposal  847-623-3870Beach Park
Deer ParkLimitedCartYes - AnytimeGroot  847-693-2700Deer Park
DeerfieldNoCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Deerfield (pdf)
Ela TownshipNoCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Ela Township
Fox LakeNoCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Fox Lake (pdf)
GrayslakeGraduated CartCartYes - MarchWaste Management  800-796-9696Grayslake (pdf)
Green OaksStickerCartYes - AnytimeGroot  847-693-2700Green Oaks
GurneeGraduated CartCartYesWaste Management  800-796-9696Gurnee (pdf)
HainesvilleLimitedCartYes - MayAdvanced Disposal   847-623-3870Hainesville
Hawthorn WoodsGraduated CartCartYes - MayWaste Management  800-796-9696Hawthorn Woods
Highland ParkGraduated Cart/StickerCartYes - AnytimeLake Shore Disposal  773-685-8811
HighwoodLimitedCartYes - AprilAdvanced Disposal   847-623-3870Highwood
Island LakeNoCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Island Lake (pdf)
KildeerGraduated CartCartYes - MarchWaste Management  800-796-9696Kildeer (pdf)
Lake BarringtonNoCartYes - JuneWaste Management  800-796-9696Lake Barrington
Lake BluffNoCartNoGroot  847-693-2700Lake Bluff
Lake ForestNoCartNoMunicipal Collection  847-234-2600Lake Forest
Lake VillaGraduated CartCartYesWaste Management  800-796-9696Lake Villa
Lake Villa TownshipGraduated CartCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Lake Villa Township
Lake ZurichLimitedCartYes - DecemberWaste Management  800-796-9696Lake Zurich (pdf)
LibertyvilleSticker/LimitedCartYes - AnytimeGroot  847-693-2700Libertyville
LincolnshireGraduated CartCartYes - JanuaryWaste Management  800-796-9696Lincolnshire (pdf)
LindenhurstLimitedCartNoGroot  847-693-2700Lindenhurst
Long GroveGraduated CartCartYes - MayWaste Management  800-796-9696Long Grove
MundeleinStickerCartYes - AnytimeGroot  847-693-2700Mundelein
North BarringtonNoBinNoPrairieland Disposal  847-381-9300North Barrington (pdf)
North ChicagoNoCartYes - MarchAdvanced Disposal   847-623-3870North Chicago ADS Brochure (pdf)
Park CityGraduated Cart/StickerCartNoGroot  847-693-2700Park City
Port BarringtonNoCartYes - MayPrairieland Disposal 887-381-9300Port Barrington (pdf)
RiverwoodsLimitedCartYes - AprilLake Shore Disposal  773-685-8811Riverwoods
Round LakeGraduated CartCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Round Lake
Round Lake BeachGraduated CartCartYes - AprilWaste Management  800-796-9696Round Lake Beach (pdf)
Round Lake HeightsGraduated CartCartNoGroot  847-693-2700Round Lake Heights
Round Lake ParkLimitedCartNoAdvanced Disposal   847-623-3870Round Lake Park
Third LakeNoCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Third Lake (pdf)
Tower LakesNoBinNoPrairieland Disposal 847-381-9300Tower Lakes (pdf)
Vernon HillsGraduated CartCartNoAdvanced Disposal  847-623-3870Vernon Hills (pdf)
VoloNoCartNoGroot  847-693-2700
WadsworthNoCartNoOpen SystemWadsworth
Warren TownshipGraduated CartCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Warren Township (pdf)
WaucondaNoCartNoWaste Management  800-796-9696Wauconda (pdf)
WaukeganLimitedCartNoAdvanced Disposal  847-623-3870Waukegan
Winthrop HarborStickerCartYesGroot  847-693-2700Winthrop Harbor
ZionNoCartNoAdvanced Disposal   847-623-3870Zion

Increase Your Recycling Rate and Decrease Your Waste Bill

Please consider changing your refuse collection service to a PAYT option if your municipality provides it.

A graduated cart option means that you can choose the size of the refuse cart you get and pay less every month the smaller size cart you get. A sticker program typically involves paying a lower monthly fee to cover the cost of the recycling truck collecting from your house, and then your refuse cost is based solely on the number of bags or cans you put out at the curb, each requiring a sticker to be affixed to the bag or can in order for it to be collected. The sticker option is a great way to reduce your program costs and provides the greatest incentive for you to recycle first and trash last. If you are interested in changing your service with your hauler, please contact them with the phone number provided.