Business Electronics Recycling

Business Concierge Program for Commercial Electronics Recycling
The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) provides opportunities for residents to recycle their broken or unwanted electronics through an extensive network of drop off locations operating throughout Lake County, but these electronics drop off locations can only accept residentially generated electronics. SWALCO recognized a need to offer electronics recycling opportunities to Lake County businesses, institutions and schools.
To address this need SWALCO has partnered with eWorks Electronics Services Inc., to provide this service through a program called the Business Concierge Program. To address this need SWALCO has partnered with eWorks Electronics Services Inc., to provide this service through a program called the Business Concierge Program. To print and display this page, please see our Commercial Electronics Recycling Flyer (PDF).

eWorks was established in 2009 to meet its primary mission to teach, support and advocate for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to make life choices, exercise independence and develop responsibility to become productive members of the community. eWorks achieves this mission by providing competitive recycling, refurbishment and resale services of office technologies and consumer electronics; basically “if it plugs into a wall we’ll take it”. This includes items such as computers, tablets, servers, monitors and LCD’s, scanners, copiers and network equipment, power supplies, TVs, stereos, cell phones and household appliances.

Today the eWorks program provides electronics recycling and refurbishment services for local communities and for large global corporations across the US. eWorks also serves as the back office-processing center for several other national recyclers. Our process uses the highest industry standards in safety and security, as well as providing “green tech” jobs for the disabled.


  • Electronics Recycling: As a zero-landfill organization eWorks responsibly recycles assets in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.
  • eCart™ Transport and Storage: For convenient and secure collection and transport of electronic assets with easy online scheduling for pick-ups.
  • Product Resale Services: Are for technology products that can be resold in the aftermarket, with the eWorks client sharing in the proceeds. The service includes:
    • Audit and repair (if needed) services or part harvesting to extend the useful life of the asset.
    • Data Security and Data Eradication services compliant with U.S. Department of Defense and NIST standards to assure data privacy for retiring assets.
  • Donation Programs: Providing great tax incentives to companies and individuals while benefiting those in need.
  • Shredding Services: In addition to dismantling and part harvesting, eWorks provides full shredding services.
  • Reporting: Extensive reporting package, detailing assets by serial number, model, type configuration and more; certificates of data destruction and recycling available as well.

Benefits of eWorks

  • eWorks accepts a vast array of electronics for reuse and recycling.
  • eWorks has a large fleet of vehicles so assets are collected from within Lake County and the greater Chicago area.
  • eWorks has a national presence to provide consistent processing services throughout the United States.
  • All equipment is processed in accordance with today’s strict electronic waste standards. eWorks only uses BAN or EPA R2/RIOS certified recycling processors.
  • The eWorks facility has 24 hour camera surveillance and metal detectors to monitor anyone going in and out of the work area.
  • eWorks is a not-for-profit so all revenue received will go to support workers with Developmental Disabilities and Autism.
  • eWorks offers a “green” advantage and significant tax benefits to businesses and individuals through the use of its services.

Is Your Business Interested?

Provide eWorks with your contact information at their website. The Customer Code is SWALCO.