Residential HCW Collection Options

Option 1: Year-Round Public Drop Off

(Appointments are Required)​​
The year-round program offers collections twice a month: the second Saturday of every month and the fourth Monday of every month (except December). These events are held at SWALCO's Gurnee facility, located at 1311 North Estes Street. Please use Route 41 to Delany Road (North) to Grove (East) to Estes.

Option 2: Mobile Collection Events (First Come, First Served)​​
Mobile collection events take place April - November at various locations throughout Lake County. Please check our website frequently for event updates. You can also Like Us on Facebook, check us out on Twitter, Google and Tumblr. Plus you can sign up for the occasional newsletter. See you next Spring!

Our scheduled mobile events in 2018 ......
HCW_RLB_ 04_28_18_Flyer 2018
HCW_VernonHills_ 05_19_18_Flyer 2018
HCW_WAUCONDA_ 06_16_18_Flyer 2018
HCW_LakeForest_ 09_15_18_Flyer 2018

...last one for 2018

HCW_Mundelein_ 10_06_18_Flyer 2018