Appliances & White Goods

The term "White Goods" refers to appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, dishwashers, trash compactors, microwaves, etc. If you're looking to dispose of one of these appliances, there are several options:

  • Many appliance retailers will remove old appliances when delivering new ones. So if you are replacing an appliance, arrange to have the old item picked up for disposal when the new item is delivered.
  • Some residential refuse haulers provide pick-up services if a resident calls ahead of time for special service. Because different municipalities have different contracts for service, check first with your village or city hall staff to find out what company provides which services in your area and then call customer service to arrange a pick up.
  • Most large scrap yards will accept appliances if you can drop them off at their location. Call ahead to confirm details.

Please take a peek at our "Where do I Recycle this?" directory, it will provide a list of current clean-up services, pick-up services as well as a list of local scrap yards within Lake County.

Some appliances may contain harmful chemicals including refrigerants, there are guidelines that require special disposal of these items. Please check out the Dehumidifiers page for details on proper disposal.

Appliance Recycling