Reuse-A-Shoe Program

  • Every year, across the globe, millions of pairs of shoes end up in landfills or disposed of in some way, creating a lot of waste. 
  • It is estimated that 85% or more of these unwanted items end up in our landfills, which here in the U.S. and around the world, are filling up fast.
  • No matter what age we are, most of us have a few pairs or more of unwanted shoes hanging out in our closets. Some may be shoes we just don’t wear, shoes we or family members have outgrown, or those that have gotten a little worn around the edges. 

SWALCO developed a program to reuse those shoes and we have been offering the program for over 15 years now. Literally, tons of shoes have been collected through this program to date for reuse.  

Two ways to participate:  If you are an individual or family with 15-20 pairs of shoes to donate for reuse, please visit our community drop-off sites/locations.  If you are a group or someone wanting to collect a larger amount and do a drive/collection, please reach out to SWALCO first and register your group to learn details of hosting a collection and other details.

Boxes of shoes

All can participate! Scout troops, Park Districts, Schools, Churches, Libraries, City and Village Departments and administration, as well as corporate groups and other community organizations have all participated in this worthwhile and fun program.  You can be a part of this great effort!  SWALCO has assisted school or Scout projects, Mitzvah projects, Honor Society, Corporate projects and other, as Reuse-a-Shoe is a nice program for those as well.

Currently all types of shoes can be brought in and collected, with the exception of: rollerblades, ice skates and winter boots.  All other boots, like dress boots, hiking boots and rain boots are accepted. Any brand and any size will be accepted. Shoes in any condition, from new or gently used, to those that are worn, will be accepted. Even those with stains or holes will be accepted. Shoes that are wet or moldy, or shoes without soles/falling apart will NOT BE ACCEPTED. 

Everyone can take part. Make a difference in your community that reaches so much further beyond and Reuse Those Shoes!