Commercial Hauling Ordinance

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Commercial Hauling-Recycling Participation Rate Status
In 2014 State legislation (Public Act 98-1079) was enacted that amended the authority of municipalities to enter into exclusive franchise contracts for waste and recycling services for local businesses and institutions. Before a municipality in Lake County can issue a request for proposals for a commercial waste and recycling franchise and potentially award one hauler the exclusive right to provide collection services to its businesses and institutions, it must conduct a three year study of recycling participation rates. During this three year study the haulers providing collection services in a municipality must report every six months (for a total of 6 reporting periods over 3 years) on the number of commercial accounts that are participating in recycling. If after the end of the 3 year study less than 50% of the commercial accounts are recycling, the municipality may issue a request for proposal for an exclusive commercial franchise. If 50% or more are participating the municipality cannot pursue a commercial franchise unless the participation rate falls below 50% for two subsequent and consecutive six-month reporting periods.

Below are two tables that present data on commercial franchising in Lake County. The first table lists each municipality in Lake County that has issued a notice to the haulers that it has initiated the three year study required by Public Act 98-1079. The table provides information on the recycling participation rate, by six month reporting periods, both in aggregate and by each hauler. Also provided is a copy of each municipalities local ordinance implementing the three year study. The second table lists the seven municipalities in Lake County that have already implemented commercial franchises, and contains data on the recycling participation rate and recycling rate (amount recycled in relation to total waste generated) for each town’s exclusive commercial franchise.

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