Recommendations / Strategy

Recommendations from the 60% Task Force concerning the three sectors of material/waste collection can be viewed on their individual pages (Residential, Commercial, Construction and Debris).

The education program is revamped and enhanced through the use of a new community outreach program. The goal of the outreach program is to provide educational materials and information through a variety of mediums as well as community groups.

In addition to the recommendations, the Task Force also discussed several “macro realities” that are applicable across all 3 sectors:
  • The need for a conveniently located and adequately sized processing capacity to manage diverted materials in an economically viable manner must be available. Reducing the reliance on landfilling and meeting disposal goals will require diverting hundreds of thousands of tons of material out of landfills and into such diversion facilities. The private sector will be relied upon to develop the needed infrastructure to manage these resources.
  • The two in-county landfills should be encouraged to scavenge materials on-site that could then be transported off-site to downstream recycling facilities.
  • Market development is essential if Lake County is to be successful in diverting materials from the landfill, especially markets for finished compost.
  • Education will be essential if Lake County is to move forward and reach the disposal goals set for 2015 and 2020. Those that generate materials/waste must realize that all programs start with their participation, and they need to understand why that participation is important.