Tips for Making Better Compost

Get the Right Mix/Balance

Getting the right mixture of browns and greens is an important component of the composting “recipe”. Adding too much brown material will result in a compost pile that takes a long time to break down. Adding too much green material will result in a compost pile that is slimy, will emit odors and doesn't break down well.

Turn the Compost More Often

Adding fresh oxygen into your compost pile by turning it more frequently will help your compost break down faster. You can use items like aerators, pitch forks, etc. to help with this task.

Check the Moisture Level of your Compost

Moisten the pile without making it too wet or soggy. Achieving the correct moisture content is an important factor in keeping a compost pile working efficiently.
An avid composter can save at least 10 pounds of a waste a week from going into a landfill

Shred Some of the Ingredients - Especially the Browns

One secret to making compost faster, is finely shredding the carbon rich ingredients such as leaves, hay, straw, paper and cardboard.

Use More Than One Pile or Container

If you have a lot of material to compost it's a good idea to start a new pile or container rather than adding to an existing one.