Program Criteria

The Earth Flag Program requires schools to achieve five specific criteria with the assistance of their assigned Earth Flag Team volunteer, provided by SWALCO.

Schools completing the Program earn a flag featuring an image of the Earth taken from the moon during an Apollo space mission.
Students hold up flag
  • Criterion 1: School Staff are informed about the Program at a meeting, or through other communication methods (e.g. email).
  • Criterion 2: SWALCO makes a presentation about the Program to the school's PTA/O, or an article about the program is published in the school newsletter.
  • Criterion 3: Presentations are made to at least one grade level or to a student group (such as the student council, enviro-club, etc.) who will then teach their peers that lesson.
  • Criterion 4: SWALCO helps the school set up or refine a recycling program. The school reports amounts of recyclables to SWALCO.
  • Criterion 5: SWALCO helps the school conduct at least one school-wide waste reduction event.
Upon completing all the program criteria, schools can celebrate their hard work by holding a school assembly. At this assembly, the school is formally presented with its brand new Earth Flag!

There are many different options to choose from when deciding on an Earth Flag assembly. Schools can create a multi-disciplinary student assembly with songs, skits, reports and posters presented by students from each grade. This is a great way of incorporating the Earth Flag message throughout the school year. For more information contact Merleanne Rampale, 847-336-9340, extension 4