Single-Use Propane Canisters

** New Service for Special Materials is NOW available ** 

SWALCO will begin to host a monthly drop off service for single use and isobutane cylinders beginning at the end of May 2022. This will be a fee based service and will cover the cost of proper handling, storing and recycling of these high-demand amenities.

Each canister/unit will cost $4.25 to recycle.

This new service is available by appointment only and will occur on the 3rd Wednesday of the month with the exception of the first event which is set for May 25th.

Special Materials Collection 2022
Propane garbage

For Larger Cylinders/Tanks...

Ask the retailer if the cylinder can be returned for recycling or disposal when it’s empty. And please whenever possible, buy refillable, reusable propane tanks. There are a variety of refillable canister sizes on the market.

There are just a few local vendors available to assist with disposal of larger propane canisters at a cost per cylinder – Please call ahead for details.

AmeriGas (Gurnee) 847-623-1555

Hicks Gas (Lake Villa) 847-356-8225