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Residential Food Scrap Composting Programs 5.2017

WW at Lake Bluff Compost Site 05.10.17

LCDJ: Recycling Process in Lake County 11.2016

LCDJ Recycling Process

LCDJ: Food Scrap Composting in Lake County 1.2016



Recycling is Easy 04.2019

LC Video Earth Day 2019 04.22.19

PBS News Hour - Recycling Contamination 4.2019

PBS Video 04.2019

Lake County Corrections Food Scrap 10.2018

Food Scraps_Jail_10.2018

Round Lake Beach Fireside Chat 3.2018

RLB Fireside Chat 2018

St. Louis School Composting 1.2018

St. Louis Composting Video

The Do's & Don'ts of Food Scrap Composting 8.2016

Does and Donts

LCDJ: Pharmaceuticals Collection Program 7.2016


Channel 2: Drop Off Prescription Drug Segment 4.2018

Channel2News Visit 04.26.18

Zero-Waste Bright Beat WTTW 4.2019

Bright Beat PBS Video

Walgreens Pharma Collection Kiosk Program 9.2016

Walgreens Kiosk Program 2016

Electronic Recycling Program may discontinue 3.2016

Electronics 3.10.16

W-GREENS Shoe Drive 8.2015

Shoe Drive

Food Scraps - What goes in the pail? 8.2016

 Kitchen Pail

Ten Year Anniversary 8.2012

10 yr anniversary

Food Scraps - Three Options 8.2016

3 options

Recycle First, Trash Last: In Every Room 11.2012

Recycle First Trash last

Recycle Your Aluminum Cans 8.2012

Aluminum Can Recycling

Where Does it Go? Electronics Recycling 1.2012

Electronics Recycling