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Composting Connection Podcast 8 2022

Composting Connetion 8.2.22

Residential Food Scrap Composting Programs 5.2017

WW at Lake Bluff Compost Site 05.10.17

LCDJ: Recycling Process in Lake County 11.2016

LCDJ Recycling Process

LCDJ: Food Scrap Composting in Lake County 1.2016



Zero Waste at Oak Terrace 04.2020

Zero Waste at Oak Terrace

Recycling is Easy 04.2019

LC Video Earth Day 2019 04.22.19

Your Neighborhood Program Tutorial

Neighborhood Program Video  Video Tutorial

Recycling Cart Tagging RLB 01.2020

SWALCO Cart Tag Adventure 2020

PBS News Hour - Recycling Contamination 4.2019

PBS Video 04.2019

Lake County Corrections Food Scrap 10.2018

Food Scraps_Jail_10.2018

Round Lake Beach Fireside Chat 3.2018

RLB Fireside Chat 2018

St. Louis School Composting 1.2018

St. Louis Composting Video

The Do's & Don'ts of Food Scrap Composting 8.2016

Does and Donts

LCDJ: Pharmaceuticals Collection Program 7.2016


Channel 2: Drop Off Prescription Drug Segment 4.2018

Channel2News Visit 04.26.18

Zero-Waste Bright Beat WTTW 4.2019

Bright Beat PBS Video

Walgreens Pharma Collection Kiosk Program 9.2016

Walgreens Kiosk Program 2016

Electronic Recycling Program may discontinue 3.2016

Electronics 3.10.16

W-GREENS Shoe Drive 8.2015

Shoe Drive

Food Scraps - What goes in the pail? 8.2016

 Kitchen Pail

Ten Year Anniversary 8.2012

10 yr anniversary

Food Scraps - Three Options 8.2016

3 options

Recycle First, Trash Last: In Every Room 11.2012

Recycle First Trash last

Recycle Your Aluminum Cans 8.2012

Aluminum Can Recycling

Where Does it Go? Electronics Recycling 1.2012

Electronics Recycling