Residential Food Scrap Composting Programs

Many neighborhoods in Lake County provide curbside collection of food scrap. Listed below are the municipalities currently providing this services to their residents, the list grows every year as residents begin to understand the impact this waste stream can have on our shared landfills and resources.

        Participating Municipal Curbside Food Scrap Collection Programs 

Select your municipality from the list below to learn more about you neighborhood program

Scrap Composting Program 4-06-20

Why Compost?

  • Reduce GHG emissions
  • Improve soil quality
  • Filter & retain water
  • Support local food production
  • Water quality protection
  • Sequester carbon

Local Benefits

  • Cost Avoidance re: Landfills
  • Efficient Use of Discarded Resources
  • Local Job Development
  • Key Element of Building Local Food Economy
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