Lake County Circular Economy

Historically waste management was viewed in a linear fashion – produce the product, use the product and then landfill it when done.  The 2019 Plan Update includes a new section in an effort to shift the thinking in Lake County to a circular economy (CE) approach to waste management, and to evaluate our programs not just on a diversion rate, but to include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) in the evaluation process as well.  

RRS Recycling System Best Practices Template

Circular Economy

Circular Economy Webinar Flyer

Regional Approaches to Fuel Local Circular Economies Flyer

A Great Lakes Region Circular Economy Webinar

On June 18, 2020, SWALCO participated in an online webinar with Resource Recycling Systems outlining the Circular Economy initiatives happening in the Great Lakes Region. SWALCO discussed the current projects in place that enable Lake County work toward a circular economy, as well as future plans to grow this initiative. Presenters included SWALCO, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, and Resource Recycling Systems. This webinar is a precursor to a workshop SWALCO is planning to hold later this year and is intended to help jump start the Circular Economy movement here in Lake County. This webinar gives a higher-level view and demonstrates how regional efforts like ours can be plugged into the larger Circular Economy initiative that the Council of the Great Lakes Region is working on. You can view the recording of the webinar at the link below if interested in viewing the conversation! 

Webinar Recording Link: 

RRS Circular Economy Webinar


The first Circular Economy Workshop in Lake County

We are asking YOU to join us in learning more about the circular economy model at the first ever Lake County Circular Economy Workshop. The event has been POSTPONED from the original date of May 14th, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be rescheduling the event at a later date. 

The goals of the first Circular Economy Workshop in Lake County will be to provide you with a deeper understanding of the circular economy model, how it is already working in Lake County, and how we can work together to strengthen it. The Workshop is only the beginning of this effort, concrete steps that you and your organization can take to build a stronger circular economy in Lake County will be presented at the Workshop. We are planning to partner with an organization that has an online circular economy platform where businesses, organizations and municipalities can browse a resource marketplace, manage individual assets and receive data insight as to how each entity utilizes their assets. This partnership is currently in the works. 

Until the event details are more certain please take a look at the documents below to get a better idea of how the circular economy model works and some examples of circular economy in action around the world.


Why we want to bring the Circular Economy to Lake County, IL

Please see Section 4 of the 2019 Solid Waste Management Plan Update for the Circular Economy Evaluation

2019 Lake County Solid Waste Management Plan Update



An Introduction to Circular Economy

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Circular Economy in Action

The Bridge to Circularity; Putting the New Plastics Economy Into Practice in the U.S.

The Recycling Partnership Bridge to Circularity Report

Closing the Loop - An EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy

EU, circular economy overview

The Circular Economy Toolkit for Small Business


Sustainable Business Park Master Plan by Kent County, Michigan Department of Public Works


Strategy to ReImagine Trash; Kent County, Michigan's Landfill Reduction Plan


Accelerating Circular Supply Chains for Plastic


Rheaply Presentation

Rheaply - SWALCO Presentation

Creating Circular Economy in the Great Lakes Region USCCF


Closing the Loop - An EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy (Addendum)

EU, circular economy, addendum

Building Something Sustainable in Kent County, Michigan

Kent County

Beyond 34 Case Study: The Development of a Recycling Public-Private Partnership



CNBC Explains What is the Circular Economy?

CNBC video

Can A Circular Economy Make Trash Obsolete? NowThis World


The Circular Economy TEDx Spokane


Circular Economy Explained by Systems Innovations

Systems Innovations