Can Styrofoam go in the recycling bin?

At this time, Lake County municipal curbside recycling programs are not accepting #6 PS plastics, known as polystyrene. It comes in two forms, expanded foam (usually white and commonly called Styrofoam) and rigid (usually opaque, colored or clear). The expanded foam plastic is mostly air, often coated with food contaminants, and can cost up to 300% more than other commodities to recycle due to its lightweight nature, lack of market competition and high transportation costs.  Lake County does have a drop off location for recycling of #6 polystyrene located at the City of Highland Park Recycling Center.  

See the SWALCO’s Where Do I Recycle This directory for more information on other locations that accept #6 polystyrene plastics.

DO NOT place Styrofoam, polystyrene plastics: i.e. foam cups; foam to go containers; foam meat trays; foam egg cartons; foam coolers; foam product packaging or foam packing peanuts in your recycling.

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