60% Recycling Taskforce

The 2009 Solid Waste Management Plan Update, approved by the Lake County Board on April 13, 2010, contains a recommendation that requires both Lake County and SWALCO to convene a task force and appoint members to address the goal of increasing recycling in Lake County. The Lake County Board approved a Joint Resolution at its June 8, 2010 meeting to establish the 60% Recycling Task Force.

This Task Force was appointed and had its first meeting at the SWALCO Board meeting on Thursday, June 24, 2010. The group's directive was to investigate, evaluate and develop recommendations on how SWALCO and Lake County can realistically achieve a 60% recycling rate by 2020. After holding twelve meetings beginning in June 2010 and ending in October 2011, the Task Force approved a final report that contained 36 recommendations. This web page contains:
  • Information on the status of SWALCO members implementation of the recommendations and meeting the per capita disposal goals
  • An overview of the recommendations (residential, commercial, and construction and debris details)
  • Background information
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  1. Overview of Recommendations

    A Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was formed by the SWALCO Board of Directors in 2008 with the purpose of updating the Solid Waste Management Plan for Lake County. The update formed by the CAC recommended convening a Task Force to investigate, evaluate and develop a plan with which SWALCO and Lake County could realistically achieve a 60% recycling rate by the year 2020.

  2. Status of SWALCO Member Implementation

    The tables in this section show the progress that SWALCO members have made in implementing several of the key recommendations of the 60% Recycling Task Force Report, and their progress toward meeting the pounds per capita per day (PCD) disposal goals of 1.6 PCD by 2015 and 1.35 PCD by 2020.

  3. SWALCO Members Per Capita Per Day Disposal Rates

    View the per capita per day disposal rates for SWALCO members form 2010 - 2014.