Commercial Recycling

The 60% Recycling Task Force developed residential recommendations around 7 core objectives, identifying methods for SWALCO, Lake County and its municipalities to realistically achieve a 60% recycling rate in the commercial sector by the year 2020.
  1. Enhance Existing Programs​

    See what SWALCO can possibly do to enhance existing commercial recycling programs.

  2. Food Scrap Collection Expansion

    View the recommendations for expanding food scrap collection within the commercial recycling of Lake County.

  3. Hauler Licensing Ordinances

    See how SWALCO might expand the scope of hauler licensing ordinances of commercial recycling within Lake County.

  4. Mandatory Ordinances

    See what mandatory ordinances might be implemented within commercial recycling in voluntary measures aren't effective.

  5. Model Contracts

    View a table that will detail a plan for developing model contracts for commercial sector businesses.

  6. Use of Franchising

    Learn how SWALCO is assisting units of local government evaluate the use of franchising in regards to commercial recycling.

  7. Waste Audit Assistance

    See ways that SWALCO might provide waste audit assistance within Lake County.