Life Cycle Assessment

Prior to filing the siting application with the Village of Round Lake Park, Groot was required by the 2009 Solid Waste Management Plan Update for Lake County, IL to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment of its proposed garbage transfer station to determine the life cycle environmental impact of its proposed facility on the following parameters:
  • Net annual energy consumption
  • Sulfur dioxide emissions
  • Nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Carbon dioxide emissions
The Life Cycle Assessment must demonstrate that the proposed facility will enhance or improve the current waste management system in Lake County for three of four of the parameters, one of which must be carbon dioxide emissions. Based on SWALCO's review of the assessment, it has determined that it met the requirements of the plan. The 2009 Plan also requires that the Life Cycle Assessment be posted on SWALCO’s website 30 days prior to a mandatory public meeting where the findings of the Assessment will be presented. For more information please view the Life Cycle Assessment (PDF).