How To Prepare your HCW for Delivery

Now that your ready to visit our facility or one of our mobile events with your household chemical waste (HCW) - here's how to get it from there to here!

  • Safety first – contain, wrap or seal ANY leaking items before transporting.
  • Keep “bases” away from “acids” to prevent any accidental reactions. NEVER MIX ANY PRODUCTS TOGETHER in a effort to save space! This is dangerous and potentially lethal!
  • Exclude all non-accepted items (garbage, empty containers, latex paint, needles, epipens, propane tanks, lead-acid batteries, etc.) Your can find the accepted and non-accepted items list here.)
  • Gather disposable totes or boxes to hold your collection during transport.
  • Fill totes and/or boxes with your HCW items – try to keep similar items together if possible.
  • Do NOT double-stack your items, we need to be able to see what we’re collecting by safely observing the items first.
  • Do NOT use plastic bags for transport – chemicals can “bounce around” during transport and heavy bags can easily rip during loading and unloading, upping the potential for reactions, spills and leaks (Remember, safety first!)
  • Whenever possible, remove anything that is NOT designated waste from your loading area (A.K.A. - trunk, backseat, truck bed).
  • Put our name on the TOTE/BOX (THANK YOU SWALCO). We will ONLY remove what is labeled for disposal. By gathering and labeling your drop-off items you will help limit any confusion about the items to be collected.  
  • Remain in your vehicle throughout the collection process. Accidents can occur (a split plastic bag for instance, or misstep on the pavement) – we must guard against any unnecessary risks.
  • If you have further questions, simply let us know but please remain in your vehicle.

Non-Approved Packing Method
Approved Packing Method

Other guidelines worth mentioning...

Please remain in your vehicle - Accidents happen! We are trained to properly handle and unload your chemical waste.

Drive slow – these events are fluid, we are always in motion, please keep your speed in check!

Stick with your appointment slot if visiting our Gurnee Facility – we allow 15 minutes before and after, that’s a 30-minute swing, early and late arrivals impact folks with appointments in different time slots – please be considerate. Our MOBILE events don’t require appointments.

Don’t bring “EMPTIES” – you can recycle nearly all plastic/metal containers, even with residual waste inside (excluding motor oils, gasoline and antifreeze). Aerosol cans are fully recyclable if they are empty and depressurized! Empty propane tanks can be recycled at your local scrap yard. And we really, really don’t want your empty shampoo bottles!!

Don’t attempt to “HIDE” unaccepted items in another container. Chemical reactions can occur under all types of conditions, even miniscule mixes can become toxic – this is dangerous not only for you, our staff and facility but also to the surrounding communities.

Leash your pets - We LOVE animals too, however, a loose animal can turn into a dangerous situation!