Post Rummage Sale Collections

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Through our year-round, full-circle Clothing and Textile Collection Program and our Reuse-A-Shoe program drop-off sites around the region, people can drop off materials for reuse and recycling. SWALCO also does drives with local organizations and groups. 

These programs allow us to offer another service – a new program - to community members.

Depending on the materials you have and the amount of materials you would have for collection post-event, we may be able to facilitate and coordinate special pick-ups for groups who host community or neighborhood rummage or garage sale events. We make special arrangements to pick-up your materials that remain behind and unsold after your event is over.

If your church, school, community, neighborhood or organization holds a sale, or is planning to hold one, and you’d like to help deter these items from ending up in the landfill, we are glad to help! Your leftover items will be reused, repurposed or recycled.

Currently we can pick-up:

  • Clothing 
  • Household Textiles 
  • Accessories (including purses and handbags, backpacks, belts, tote bags and jewelry)
  • Plush/Stuffed Toys and Animals
  • Shoes (In pairs - all footwear except skates, roller blades, moldy, or so badly damaged they are falling apart or missing soles, etc.)
  • Kitchenware, glassware, housewares/home goods, accessories and decor, and bric-a-brac
  • School and office supplies, arts and crafts supplies and kits
  • Books
  • More

To a) find out more, b) obtain a full list of what we can take and what isn’t accepted, or c) to see if we can schedule a pick-up for your event, please contact or call 847-377-4954. Please contact us as soon as you begin planning your event/s, as the more notice we have, the better we will be able to assist you.