Shredding Opportunities

SWALCO does not provide shredding services however we do work with a variety of shredding vendors throughout the year especially during our recycling events. Many of these vendors will provide shredding services for businesses and individuals – each have their own associated costs and procedures.

Please take a look at our "Where do I Recycle this?" directory, it will provide a list of current Paper Shredding vendors eager to assist.

We encourage you to reach out to your local community agencies, your local branch bank, religious organizations, and retail outlets. If we receive information about an event from one of our member communities, we will promote it on our website. Please check back regularly.  

paper shredded  1

Many people bring catalogs, phone books, coupons to shredding events which are not confidential and can be easily recycled at their home. Virtually 99% of the paper they generate at home, work or school, can be recycled right in their curbside recycling container/program.