Pharmaceutical Disposal Options

Unwanted medicines, prescriptions, and supplements are accepted at all SWALCO Household Chemical Waste collection events. However, DEA Controlled Substances are NOT. The Save-a-Star Drug Awareness Foundation has sponsored the installation of pharmaceutical collection boxes in the following communities in Lake County. Collection boxes are located in Police Department lobbies and controlled substances are accepted. Sharps/Needles are NOT collected during our HCW events OR at any of the Save-A-Star locations. Please check with your village for local options or visit our ODDS and ENDS page for other methods.

Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force provides another excellent resource for facts and statics regarding this topic. Please visit

Walgreens has recently launched a medication disposal kiosk program at select 24-hour locations throughout Illinois.
The Lake County locations have been added to our Pharma-Disposal Map.

SWANCC also host a pharmaceutical collection program which encompasses additional locations. Please visit
Please click on the map icon below for our interactive map. Hit the location you wish to visit and directions will be prompted automatically.

Pharmaceutical Collection Locations

No Needles Sign
Pharma Pill Containers